Our Detroit dog bite attorneys can help you after a dog bite or dog attack.  These dog bites often result in serious injuries and require medical treatment.  Common injuries suffered in a Detroit dog bite attack include:

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan

Victims of a Detroit dog bite or dog attack can be left with permanent scars and disfigurement.  Often, dog bite victims will require emergency medical care for sutures, plastic surgery, and rabies shots.  Many times, a plastic surgeon will not even attempt to repair the scar for several years after the attack, leaving the victim with a disfiguring and conspicuous scar for everyone to see.

In addition, the medical expenses for emergency treatment and plastic surgery resulting from the dog bite can be significant. These expenses are included in a claim made against the dog owner or keeper of the dog when we file a dog bite case. We also make claims for the pain and sufferings caused by the attack and seek compensation for the scar and any other disfigurement. We have obtained significant settlements for clients injured in these dog attacks.

Quite often, the victim of the dog attack files a report with either the local police or local Animal Control agency.  When a report is filed, it is necessary to obtain report.  Our firm routinely obtains these for our clients.

These are available to you by simply contacting the agency where the report was filed and requesting the report.  There is usually a small fee for the report.  For a report filed with local Animal Control, you should request the Animal Control report at the following location:

Detroit Animal Control
3511 West Jackson
Detroit, MI 48126

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