Our dog bite lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. handle cases involving nerve damage for dog bite injuries and attacks in Michigan.  These injuries can be significant and permanent.  When dog bites occur they often result in crush injuries because dogs have rounded teeth and strong jaws; thus, the bite of an adult dog can exert up to 200 pounds per square inch of pressure.  This pressure can result in a crushing injury, causing damage to the nerve or even sever a nerve.  Victims who suffer from nerve damage due to a dog bite do have legal rights under Michigan law.  The dog owner and the insurance company for the dog owner should be forced to pay the cost for pain and suffering as well as any medical costs incurred from damage repair.

Searching for nerve damage in patients with dog bites is important. Peripheral nerves are usually closely associated with vascular structures in the limbs.  Nerve damage caused by a dog can result in a loss of sensation, numbness, or pain.  In worst-case scenarios, the damage can result in the complete loss of use of a limb.

There are three categories of nerve injury that can result from a dog bite.  These include:

  1. Neurapraxia: This is the least severe from of nerve damage, with complete recovery. In this case, the actual structure of the nerve remains intact, but there is an interruption in conduction of the impulse down the nerve fiber.
  2. Axontmesis: This is the result of a more severe crush or contusion, but can also occur when the nerve is stretched. This type of nerve damage may cause paralysis of the motor, sensory, and autonomic nervous systems.
  3. Neurotmesis: This is the most severe form of nerve damage. This condition generally happens when the nerve is completely severed. This type of nerve damage causes complete loss of motor, sensory and autonomic functions.

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