Dog attacks can be brutal and cause devastating injuries. People bitten by dogs often suffer scarring, nerve damage, and infection after an attack. Under Michigan law, dog owners are strictly liable for their pet’s actions, meaning if you were bitten by someone else’s dog, you only need to prove that you were bitten or attacked. The dog owner’s negligence is irrelevant.

Our experienced lawyers work with people who are injured or lost a loved one in an attack. We could work to settle with the dog owner or proceed with litigation if necessary. If you were hurt by someone else’s dog, you should not bear the cost of your injury alone. Contact a Southfield dog bite lawyer to represent you.

Important Dog Bite Laws

In Michigan, there is a strict liability approach to dog bite cases. This means dog owners are liable whether or not they knew of the dog’s dangerous behavior or acted negligently. An injured party may file a lawsuit and collect damages even if this is the first time a dog has demonstrated dangerous behavior.

To succeed in a dog bite case, the plaintiff must prove: (1) the person they are suing owned the dog; (2) the dog bit or attacked them; and (3) they were injured. In a dog bite lawsuit, medical records and photographs may be important evidence to support a claim. Eyewitness testimony could also be crucial, because it could confirm the injured person’s story.

Note that Michigan’s dog bite laws do not apply to other injuries caused by dogs. For example, if a dog knocked over a hot drink and someone was burned, the owner is not necessarily responsible. This type of injury would be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit based on negligence instead of strict liability. A Southfield dog bite lawyer could discuss further options for compensation.

Injuries in Dog Bite Cases

Some dog bite cases involve only minor injuries, but other attacks leave victims with life-altering physical and emotional trauma. Any dog bite that breaks the skin is considered serious and the person should seek medical attention immediately. Prompt treatment can avoid serious complications such as infection and death. Some of the most common injuries in dog bite cases include:

Aside from physical injuries, people may also experience psychological injuries after a dog attack. A traumatic event like this can leave them with PTSD, anxiety, or depression. Emotional trauma is harder to quantify than a physical injury, so it is important to work with an experienced Southfield dog bite lawyer when pursuing damages for both physical and emotional injuries.

Learn How a Southfield Dog Bite Attorney Can Help

If you or someone you love experience a dog attack, it is important to speak to a Southfield dog bite lawyer about your case. Our experienced team has years of experience litigating dog bite claims and has successfully helped recover compensation for injured people across the state.

We understand how devastating injuries from a dog attack can be and want to help you move on from it. You should not have to bear to financial burden of your injury alone. Dog bites can require expensive treatment like rehab, surgical reconstruction, and more, which will need to be paid using compensatory damages. If you are considering legal action against the dog’s owner after an attack, contact an attorney for a free consultation.

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